Kennel Sponsorship

About Kennel Sponsorship

Show your love to our shelter residents!

The animals entering our shelter are hesitant, scared, confused and insecure. Through your sponsorship of a cat or dog kennel you can help us make them more comfortable during their stay.

As a sponsor, you are paying for food, medical care, toys and treats.

Choose to sponsor a cat or a dog space and we will share regular updates with you about the animals in your kennel.

We will also place a customized plaque or poster on the individual kennel showing your support and acknowledge your sponsorship in our lobby for all to see.

Become a Kennel Sponsor today!

3 Month Sponsor- $150 or $50 per month
6 Month Sponsor- $300 or $50 per month
12 Month Sponsor- $600 or $50 per month
24 Month Sponsor- $1200 or $50 per month